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Youth-led Climate Action 


For the Youth-led Climate action action team, we believe that youth-led climate action happens when young people identify an issue that is important to them and address it with meaningful measures (adaptation and/or mitigation) that will have a positive impact on our climate and/or the injustices that stem from climate change. Throughout this process, young people are the drivers behind these actions and decisions while adults (for example: parents, teachers, youth counselors, etc.) serve as mentors and work in partnership with youth providing support as “guides on the side.”


The MACCEC youth-led climate action team meets regularly every other month sharing ideas, resources, and how we (as a collaborative partnership) can create more opportunities for youth leadership in climate action within the Mid-Atlantic.  

Interested in joining this team? Contact Kaitlin Gannon (

About the Action Teams:

MACCEC has a number of "action teams" that are convening on a regular basis to propel conversations and work forward in these specific spaces. We welcome you to become a part of the community in whatever calls to you - join a team by reaching out to the "champion" listed on each action team page. 

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