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Strengthening Strategic Networks Workgroup

Recognizing that climate change education and action is already taking place in networks and network-like entities across the Mid-Atlantic region, participants of the 2022 MACCE Forum saw a need to strategically strengthen, connect, and leverage these networks to center equitable climate action and to accelerate the pace of reaching climate goals. Thus the Strengthening Strategic Networks workgroup was created. The group is currently developing a concept paper that articulates a path forward on their vision to "Increase communication and collaboration between the networks that are working at the regional level with the ultimate goal of sharing successful innovations to encourage adoption by networks/organizations that are not currently engaged in education for climate action."

Interested in joining this group? Contact Olivia Wisner (

About the Workgroups:

MACCE has a number of "workgroups" that are convening on a regular basis to propel conversations and work forward in these specific spaces. We welcome you to become a part of the community in whatever calls to you - join a working group by reaching out to the "champion" listed on the workgroups page. 

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