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Planning Team


The Mid-Atlantic Climate Change Education Conference started in 2020 with a team of educators that had been organizing professional development opportunities together for 10 years. After the 2019 summer of trainings, they came up with a conference idea to increase the number of people they could reach and bring in new voices and expertise.

The conference has been an annual virtual event since 2020 with the goal of gathering formal and nonformal educators from across the Mid-Atlantic to share ideas, resources, and inspiration for advancing education for climate action.


The Conference Planning Team usually starts meeting in January for the June conference. Team members should plan to spend a couple hours every 2 weeks from January to March. Between April and early June, planning time can increase to about 3 hours a week with more time needed during the two weeks before the conference.  

Interested in joining this team? Contact Krysta Hougen-Ryall (

About the Action Teams:

MACCEC has a number of "action teams" that are convening on a regular basis to propel conversations and work forward in these specific spaces. We welcome you to become a part of the community in whatever calls to you - join a team by reaching out to the "champion" listed on each action team page. 

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