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If you've made it to this page, it's likely because you've been formally invited to the
Mid-Atlantic Climate Change Education Forum on August 15-17, 2022 at NorthBay Adventure Camp in Maryland.  Throughout these artfully facilitated few days we will:


  • Convene and build a community of active climate education stakeholders

  • Learn and share about the state of education for climate action in the region

  • Create a strategic framework and map the strategies for advancing and funding climate action education

  • Identify catalysts and influencers essential for building capacity in education for climate action

  • Develop a set of key actions and identify teams willing to work on these actions

Pre-Forum Prep

There are a number of on-going national-level efforts that are informing the thinking behind this Forum. We're being intentional about integrating these important efforts that are already in progress.

To facilitate this, we're hoping that everyone can review the following documents, share what is resonating with you most in this Jamboard, AND share with us what other resources are guiding your own climate related work. 


MACCEF 2022 Agenda Overview.png

Need a version of the agenda for your travel request? Download it here


Free NorthBay Lodging

Forum registration includes free accommodation in NorthBay cabins, Sunday night to Tuesday night. Each cabin can accommodate 12 people on bunk beds and has a shared bathroom with 2 stalls and 2 showers. You will share your intention to use these cabins in the Forum registration form.


Additional NorthBay Lodging

NorthBay may have limited private rooms in their Roost Hotel. You will be responsible for the full price of this room. To view a room, go to the NorthBay virtual tour HERE and select the Roost Hotel room under accommodations. Email Krysta at if you’d like to learn more.



If you’d prefer to camp, Elk Neck State Park is a 5 minute drive from NorthBay and offers spots for tents and RVs. 



If you’d prefer to reserve a hotel room, the closest towns are North East MD (15 minute drive) and Elkton (23 minute drive).

Additional Questions

View this document for answers to additional questions from participants.

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