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Career & Workforce Development Workgroup

It can be argued that all jobs are climate change-related—from solar panel installer to grocery store clerk—but for those jobs that truly focus on climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, what skills and competencies are needed, what training is already available and is it accessible, and what are the gaps? These are the questions the MACCE Career Education and Workforce Development workgroup is hoping to answer through informed discussions, independent and sub-committee research, and collaborative projects. Working within the MACCE spheres of influence, the workgroup will help develop not only the next generation workforce, but also the existing workforce who is looking for something more.

Interested in joining this group? Contact Laurel Sullivan (

About the Workgroups:

MACCE has a number of "workgroups" that are convening on a regular basis to propel conversations and work forward in these specific spaces. We welcome you to become a part of the community in whatever calls to you - join a working group by reaching out to the "champion" listed on the workgroups page. 

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